Genealogy Archive Photo Index

Genealogy Archive Photo Index

So much of the fun in doing genealogy research is working with old pictures. More often than not, individuals’ names are missing from a picture … Read more

1790 US Census Reference Sheet

1790 United States Census Reference Sheet

The 1790 census was the first official census conducted by the United States.  There were prior census records kept for certain periods and colonies prior … Read more

Are there any known living descendants of Benjamin Franklin?

Possible Living Descendants of Benjamin Franklin Question: Are there any known living descendants of Benjamin Franklin? I understand that he had a few affairs and … Read more

Charter Members of Chicago Local 74 in 1901

Below is an image of the charter for the Wood and Wire Metal Lather’s International Union in Chicago, Illinois from 1901. This photo courtesy of … Read more

Genealogy Research: U.S. Military Records

Using military records for genealogy can be a challenge to the genealogist.  This article discusses what records are available and how to use them.  If … Read more

German genealogy ancestors from Rineck

A Group Of Exiled German Ancestors And Their Story

Not all of our white European ancestors came to America willingly. Joseph Anton Haas (Dec. 18, 1825 – Mar. 26, 1890) arrived at the port … Read more

Family Historian Program

Preview: Our Family Historian program is nearly complete. Below you’ll see a preview to the program – the introduction. Illustrations, photographs and precise notes on … Read more

“Who Do You Think You Are” on NBC

Who Do You Think You Are on NBC will will return tonight at 8/7 Central time. Watching the trailer has me quite excited to tune … Read more

How a Family Tree Connection Made History Homework More Meaningful

Pages and pages of History review to end the 2nd quarter of my daughter’s 8th grade year cost her the entire Sunday evening this past … Read more

Collision of History With Genealogical Records: Lizzie Borden

It’s interesting how genealogical records can provide a glimpse of our own personal history, but can also offer a peek at something of historical curiosity. … Read more

using search wildcards for genealogy research

Search Secrets: Using Wildcards as Search Filters

One of the great online genealogy search secrets is the use of wildcards. The following methods give you the ability to improve your search capabilities … Read more

The Less-Common Name

by David Haas, Chances are that you have dealt with this genealogy research challenge before, or eventually will. You’re looking up a John, Mary, … Read more