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I should flatter myself with the notion that my children’s, children’s children will have the curiosity, ambition and perseverance to do long hours of work trying to discover my identity and facts about my life.  Ironically, however, if my body of work endures that same initial curiosity will be satisfied  all too easily and cheaply.  I suppose that I had better live a damn good story.”

Geneosity.com is founded on the principle of identifying and locating rare, scarce, undocumented and previously unpublished history and genealogy related nuggets and tidbits. As genealogy researchers we have scoured libraries, books and the web in search of records associated with our ancestors and are continually interested in finding new sources of information. The spirit of Geneosity.com is based on that idea, and we will reveal the findings as they become available.

Our website offers advice for beginning genealogy enthusiasts and research advice / tips for our more experienced members of the community.  Our authors will also share their most interesting stories about their family discoveries.   We also provide free and premium online resources,  genealogy forms and family tree charts to be used in organizing your own personal research.

Please participate with us in uncovering the great secrets of the documented yet not well known. If you have or know of a source of this nature please share it with us. Each contribution can make a new discovery possible for someone researching their family tree. As a family historian, independent researcher or hobby-pastime genealogy researcher you know the value and excitement of finding something new. Join us in our quest!

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About Our Authors

David Haas, Geneosity.com Founder

Dave is a colorful writer, researcher and lecturer on several topics in genealogy. Founder and developer of Geneosity.com, he has developed a considerable collection of genealogy forms, research sources and discussion on various aspects of Genealogy. With over fifteen years of experience in genealogy research, Dave specializes in online research methods, Irish genealogy and possesses a broad knowledge in many, other areas of genealogical research.

He is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the National Genealogical Society, and the Champaign County Genealogical Society (Illinois). He is a frequent contributor and volunteers to numerous genealogy websites, groups and field projects. Dave is also active in delivering presentations and lecturing on various topics in the auditorium and on the web. He also authored pieces for the Expert Series on Archives.com.

Christine Woodcock, Genealogy Tours of Scotland

Scottish born, Canadian raised, Christine had the best of both worlds, growing up immersed in Scottish culture. Realizing that others of the Scots diaspora were not as fortunate, she started her business, Genealogy Tours of Scotland to allow others researching their Scottish roots the opportunity to return to the land of their ancestors, conduct family history research and deepen their sense of belonging to their ancestral kin.

Kim Hanks, Editor for Illinois State Genealogical Society

Kim has a passion for Genealogy.  After retiring from a career as a teacher, administrator and education consultant, she spent the past several years doing extensive family research.   She is a newsletter editor for the Illinois State Genealogical Society and the Peoria County Genealogy Society.  Kim is also a member of the Peoria Chapter of DAR Daughter of American Revolution and a member of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.