Relationship Chart

Understanding your genealogy can begin with learning how you are related to others in your family tree.

The relationship chart can be useful tool for any person who may be interested in their personal genealogy and learning more about their family relationships.

Keeping track of what relation some of your relatives are to you can be somewhat confusing sometimes.

Using our relationship chart, you can keep all of your relatives straight easily.  This form is provided in PDF format for easy, free download.

Genealogy Form – Relationship Chart for Download

Download Relationship Chart – PDF

Relationship Chart
Relationship Chart

The general relationship rules are as follows: First cousins share the same grandparents. Second cousins share great-grandparents.

A cousin once removed descends from a common set of grandparents, yet is a generation ahead or behind yours. Your great grandfather for instance might be a cousin’s grandfather. They are a generation removed from your position on the family tree.

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