Blank Family Tree Form

This genealogy form is intended to be used as a blank family tree that can be used as a collection of pages containing various families for a family history binder or folder.

Space is provided to enter family name, file name or individual record numbers for individuals at the top of the page.

At the bottom space is provided to enter additional genealogical information. This printable form is provided in a .pdf file format.

The space at the top of the form is intended for the youngest person in the group. Below, the diagram splits to represent that individual’s parents.

At the bottom, the parent group is split into four grandparents, which should be completed to show the grandparents of the youngest person at the top.

Note: This blank family tree form has been updated to allow you to type into the form fields.

Download Blank Family Tree Form – PDF

Blank Printable Family Tree Form
Blank Printable Family Tree Form

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