Archive Family Photo Index

Most researchers dig through old photos and then put them in a folder with notes or file them in a file drawer.  Other researchers will write on the back of the photo.

However, there are times when you need to add more notes and details to the photos and don't have enough room.   This happens a lot with large family pictures (often taken at family reunions).  That is why we created the archive photo index.

This PDF file is designed so you can add a number to the photo and then have plenty of room to add notes, names and other information.

Then you can print the index and put it in a folder or notebook as an additional record.

Download Archive Family Photo Index - PDF

archive family photo index
Archive Photo Index for Family

Note: This PDF was designed so you could print and then attach a printed photograph to the index sheet. We also have an archive photo index sheet that allow you to upload your photograph (jpg file) and then type your notes in an electronic PDF form. This document is part of the Geneosity Forms Bundle. Click the link below for more information.