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Use the form below to submit photos of any place, monument, plaque or other listing that as names that can be indexed into our database.

What’s this all about?  This idea found its root when we confirmed the long standing story of a great-grandfather and one of his sons being two of the founders of the lather’s union in Chicago in the early 20th century. If this were true we could confirm their general location of residence and confirm their participation in the construction of noteworthy buildings in Chicago (some still standing today).   That union has evolved over the years so there was no sign of them or who founded the local.  That was until an employee found an old, ornate document in a closet that commemorated the founding of the union and the names of the founding members. The image of that document can be seen here.

We received messages from descendants of those founding members and realized that we’d helped other family researchers and were inspired to do more.

As a result, we’ve created the goal to document and list the names of 100,000 individuals tucked away in old records, guestbooks, plaques on buildings, and names from all sorts of places that aren’t documented and indexed anywhere else online.

We’ll publish this information to make it available for online genealogical research at no cost.  We’re hopeful that this project will patch holes and answer questions for researchers in the same way that the discovery above did.  We will publish the information in the best way that we can, and we will credit/reference the contributor for each submission.  If you operate your own website we’ll even link to your page if you wish.

Please know that by submitting information that you’re granting full ownership rights of photographs and information to and  Sourceline Media, Inc., with permission to post and share the information as best we see fit.


Description of the place, monument that has the names of honored people
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Any other information that would assist researchers in finding and identifying the names and information that you submit. *** Due to this being a volunteer effort with limited resources, we will greatly appreciate a transcription of the name(s) included in the artifact as a list. This will save hours of time, ensure the accuracy of the transcription and allow us to publish the information faster. Include your website address if you wish for this record to be linked to your own website. Thank You!
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