Geneosity Audio Archive

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Now you can save and keep the recorded memory of a family member, a friend or someone special, Safely and Indefinitely.

You’ll never again fear losing the ability to listen to the sound of a voicemail, video, tape recording or the sound from a home movie.

Store the files for the long-term on your computer and electronic storage devices.  Share the preserved audio with others via social media or email.  The image transcript of your sound file (of up to 90 seconds) can be shared and saved in addition to being printed and physically stored for ages, as a PRINTED CERTIFICATE.

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Here’s how it works:

  • Send us your digital audio file or files.  We’ll save up to ten minutes of total audio electronically.  We’ll explain how to send these.
  • Provide the basic information about the person or people who are in the recording.
  • Include a photo of the individual in the recording if available.
  • Tell us what segment of the audio clip you want saved as a Print Archive segment (if applicable).
  • We’ll convert up to a 90-second segment of the recording into a universal spectral image that can be scanned and retrieved as audio in the future.
  • We’ll convert your audio file to a format that we will host online.
  • We’ll publish a shareable web page where the audio can be played and others can visit.
  • You’ll receive an electronic copy of all of the files, links and elements that you can save as a permanent file.