Submit Research Rescue Photos

Photos get lost.  Its a fact of life.  However, many old family photos have tremendous meaning to individuals researching their family.  We decided to start researching old photos we find and publish information about them. We need your help. 

We are taking submissions for old family photo rescues.  If you happen to find an old photo with at least 1 person in it, you can submit it below.

Requirements for submission:

  • The photo at least needs to have a name or names on them or else we can’t research them.
  • The more information you can tell us the better.
  • Must be in .jpg format.
  • File has to be under 3MB. Please crop if you have a larger photo.
  • Photo really needs to be over 300 pixels wide but over 500 pixels is better so its big enough to view.
  • Picture needs to be fairly clear. Old photos will be faded, but try not to cause additional blur when creating a digital photo.

One of our writers collects old photos from antique stores, thrift shops and all over the place.  These are good places to find “rescue photos” worthy of researching.  We take these photos and put them together and periodically publish them on this site.  Our goal:

  • Provide a free and publicly available page for anyone to search for photos
  • Help tell stories that would otherwise never be shared.
  • Make this information available to Google search when people search for names.

Simply fill in the form below and upload your digital image (file must be in .jpg format).

Can Be City, State, Region or Country
Where was this photo taken? Add city, state, country if you know.
Share the story! Where did you find this photo? How old? What are they doing in the photo?
Upload the family photo. Max file size 3MB. If your photos larger please crop.