Family Tree Chart Diagram

This free printable family tree chart diagram is used to document the names, locations and specific dates of personal events for three generations of individuals.

Family tree diagrams are helpful for reporting on specific groups within a family or for use as a research tool and reference.

Space is provided at the top of the form for the youngest person in the group. Below, the diagram splits to represent that individual’s parents.

At the bottom, the parent group is split into four individuals, which should be completed to show the grandparents of the youngest person at the top. Each box provides space for name, born date, born location, married (yes, no, name), died date, died location.

Family Tree Diagram – Chart

Download Family Tree Diagram – PDF

family tree chart diagram
family tree chart – diagram

More experienced genealogy researchers will assign a chart number, family number and/or person numbers to these entries so that these charts can be combined with other family research charts to form a larger, overall family tree. The bottom of the page provides spaces for additional family information.

This family tree diagram is available as a PDF form that allows you to type in name, birth, location, married, died data on your computer. It is part of our premium bundle of forms. Click the button below to learn more.