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Do you own any old pictures that were taken of famous people, taken at historic events, or snapshots of groups or individuals being honored for something special? Please forward scans or other electronic copies. A clear digital photo of the old documents works nicely too.

The Shoot ‘Em Up project also aims to collect and exhibit the names of those honored for just about anything, including plaques on walls and building faces, monuments, and inscriptions found anywhere.  Names engraved or on plaques at the police department, fire department, schools, churches, clubs, at the lodge or anywhere individuals were recognized. Any old group photographs complete with names. Old bulletins, leaflets, books, booklets, pamphlets are also welcome but must include the cover and the copyright page so that we can obtain permission to use them. Any publication submitted must be dated in some way, and should be of antiquity.  Shoot it with your camera, your phone;  It doesn’t matter as long as the names are legible.   If you don’t see anything like this on any regular basis and want to join the fun, do a cemetery drive-by and capture a few headstones.  Show that you’re outgoing and drive through rattling off a handful of pictures.

All pictures submitted must include the location, anything additional you can tell us about the picture and a date taken.  Be as specific as possible.  Capture the entire inscription so that we know what the names are being displayed for.

Correspondence should be sent to “shootem” at
Please forward electronic files to the email address with the descriptions and other information and we will post it to the site as soon as possible.

Post below includes photos and the names listed of a Civil War Memorial located at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Sidney, Illinois.

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  1. Civil War Soldiers honored on monument at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Sidney, Illinois. Names of those honored follow.

    Erected by Sidney G.A.R. Post No. 317 and Sidney Township in 1898

    Apollis Hess Co. A. 137 ILL Inft
    E.M. Helm Co. A 154 ILL Inft
    D.R. Cottral Co. H 20 IND Inft
    B.B. Cole Co. F 71 IL Inft
    Geo. M. Wells Co. C 121 Ohio Inft
    T.H. Wilson Co. E 51 ILL Inft
    Isaac Yazle Co. C 71 ILL Inft
    Samuel McElroy Co. H 18 Ohio Inft
    Geo. W. Bloxsom Co. F 71 ILL Inft
    James McDavis Co. G 76 ILL Inft
    N. P. Swift Co. I 52 IND Inft
    W. F. Lynch Co. F 125 ILL Inft
    John F. Black 2nd Lieut. Oo. I. 10 ILL Cav
    H. H. Porterfield Co. I 10 ILL Cav
    William Porterfield Co. I 10 ILL Cav
    Chambers Porterfield Co. I 10 ILL Cav
    Sol. Carter Co. I 10 ILL Cav
    Dan. Berlien Co. I 10 ILL Cav
    Sylvester Thompson Co. I 10 ILL Cav
    J.H.W. Morgan Co. B 10 Ohio Cav
    Gresum Wright Co. E 16 ILL Cav
    Cyrus Bowen Co. E 57 Regt. ILL VOL. Inft
    David Magill Co. E 57 Regt. ILL VOL. Inft
    Wm. F. Jerauld Lieut. Oo. C 97 IND Inf
    Walter H. Jerauld
    Allen T. Crump Co. I 10 ILL Cav
    Samuel A. Clark Co. C 25 ILL Inf
    John M.(?) Hiestand Co. A 135 ILL Inf
    Geo. W. Fenimore Bat. A 4 IND L ART
    Daniel T. Thompson Co. I 2 ILL VOL Cav
    Lewis Skillings Co. I 25 ILL Inf
    William A. Robinson Co. D 12 Ohio VOL Inf
    Capt. Jas. S. Freeman Co. I 10 ILL VOL Cav
    W.H.H. Youngblood Co. K 130 ILL Inf
    H.A. Swartswalter Co. B 2 Reg W. VA. Cav
    Richard P. Tracy Co. D 35 Reg ILL Inf
    Samuel Pridemore Co. A ILL 7th Cav

  2. It’s a lovely statue and nice that they were recognized but for what and what is the writing on the memorial about? Why is it in this cemetery? Apollis Hess is my 5th Great Grandfather and I would like to know what he is being honored for? Respectfully, D.Spencer

  3. Thank you for the comment. This memorial is in honor of Sidney area residents that served in the civil war. Your relative Apollis Hess lived for many years in Western Illinois but settled in Sidney sometime between 1870 and 1880. This memorial was erected in 1889 and while he did not live in Sidney during the time of the civil war, his name was still recognized as having served because he was a resident or had been a resident of Sidney recently enough when the monument was commissioned.

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