Genealogy Archive Photo Index

So much of the fun in doing genealogy research is working with old pictures.

More often than not, individuals’ names are missing from a picture of interest and it can be frustrating to figure out who they were.

This genealogy form will help to organize information about your old photographs in one place.

Using the form is simply used by numbering circles on the chart in the location that imitates each person’s position in the photograph.

For large group photos it may also be helpful to outline the circle used as the face location of individuals so that each person can be picked out of the chart more easily.

This chart layout has been used on numerous occasions and shared with others to help identify individuals in old photos. Printable on standard paper, this genealogy form can be filled in and folded to fit behind a photograph in an album (most popular use) to be kept with the photograph itself.

Genealogy Archive Photo Index
Genealogy Archive Photo Index

This form is a welcome addition to family tree and genealogy books containing photos and is simple to use. Virtually any group photo can be charted using this form.

Don’t forget to write in at the bottom of the form whatever appears on the back of the photo. Written notes, dates and perhaps the photo processor might appear on the back. All of this information can be useful when referring to the photo, and can prevent additional, unnecessary handling of the picture.