Rescuing some of the Forgotten

Rescued Photos from Forgotten Faces

Here is a collection of photos, mostly portraits and headshots found in various collections and antique shops.

We hope to connect these lost photos with their relatives.


Annie Maddison Around 1900  Married to John Madison of Rocky Hill Station, Kentucky
Annie Madison

Annie was one of twelve children. She was married to John Madison of Rocky Hill Station, Kentucky. It looks like her walking stick may have a small purse attached to the handle.

She and John got married on January 9th, 1894 in Clark.

In 1900 She was 30 years old, her birth date was November 1873. She had to children at the time Gertrude and Mildred (ages 5 and 3).

On the 1910 census there are two more children named Wyatt and Mayme.


Kockerman Family St. John Texas antique photo
Kockerman family

This is a large very nice cabinet card. The photographer stamp is W.P. Gray, St. John Art Studio, St. John, Kansas.


Mary Pitman

Mary would be very hard to match with a tree unless someone has a photo of about the same age for a comparison. There are just way to many with the same name and there is no other information available.


Cabinet Card – Mrs M. F. Hall

This Cabinet card is by Photographer W. M. Wade, of Oxford, Arkansas.

I guess she wanted a photo by herself!

Jeff and Wallace maybe

Jeff and Wallace ( or maybe Wallee)

This is a divided post card with no other writing on it.


Murrel Dixon (possible Murell or Merrell)


Mrs. Powers

This one has been shrink wrapped so it is had to photograph. On the back all it has is Mrs. Powers and her children. You can see where there were some names on it at one time. They have been erased, where they were written in pencil. One started with an L.


Ruby Moore

Ruby Moore at 3 years old. This is a Cabinet Card from I believe Cottage Gallery.


Mrs Eliza Earle Rochister

Cabinet Card by Lee Art Studio at 62 State St. Rochester, N.Y.


Mr. Reed

Cabinet Card from A. E. Hatch Photography, Glkhorn, Wis.

Unknown couple


Uncle Dixon

Johnnie Dixon. The photo was developed in San Antonio, Texas.


But they are so cute!

I like their hats.

Roundtree, , Strode, Sanders

On the back of this one, everyone is listed left to right starting in the back: Willie Strode, Roy Sanders, Mr. Sanders, Miss Lemmie Strode, baby Jim, Grandma Roundtree, Miss Jennie Strode (teacher) Mrs. Strode, and Mr. Jim Strode.

Others mentioned on the back are Lola Hodges and her children Mary, George, and Frank that Monterey Miller visited with in August of 1939. Monterey was staying in Birmingham, Alabama at the time. It looks like she was visiting and gathering family pictures because Mrs. Roundtree has already passed by this date. It also states that this is Grandma Roundtree and her friends.

Happy hunting and digging, maybe someone will be able to put a missing face in their tree with the help of these photos.