The Learning Curve – Learn about Genealogy

One of the best things about genealogy is the many opportunities to learn. Workshops, magazines, blogs, conferences and even Facebook pages/groups. Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned researcher or a professional, there are always learning opportunities available.

If you are looking for webinars, Legacy Family Tree has a listing here:

Family Tree University has a listing here:

FamilySearch has free videos on various aspects of genealogical research. These can be found here:

And Genea-Webinars has a listing here:

If you are looking for workshops, always check with your local genealogy or historical society to see what they have on offer. Most offer talks for free, but may charge a nominal fee for a more in-depth workshop. You can also look at the State genealogy societies.

There are also some large National and Regional Conferences which are not only a great way to learn from the experts, but also a great way to connect with other like-minded people. People whose eyes won’t glaze over after 15 minutes of listening to you prattle on about your research, but who will actually be excited by what you share and might even offer a strategy or two to try on those brick wall ancestors.

Fairfax Genealogical Society:

Ohio Genealogical Society:


National Genealogical Society:


Federation of Genealogical Societies:

There are also a number of YouTube channels worth paying attention to. Perhaps the most prolific producer of genealogy videos on all sorts of aspects of genealogy. Here is the link to her channel:

Other YouTube channels to check out are:

Family Tree Magazine:





Who Do  You Think You Are?

National Genealogical Society:

Whether you are interested in learning online or in person, the options are plentiful and the all of the opportunities will enrich your knowledge and skills.