recorded voice of alexander graham bell

Eerie or Amazing? The Recorded Voice of Alexander Graham Bell And Others

How long might a recording of your voice survive?  Photographs from 1885 are relatively easy to find online, but a recorded voice is something extraordinary. … Read more

story of acadian genealogy

Acadian Genealogy And The Intriguing Story It Tells

Acadian Genealogy has its roots in the small niche of French immigrants across the Atlantic Ocean to the colony of Acadia that began and continued … Read more

genealogy interview success

The Genealogy Interview and Three Ingredients to Success

One of the most rewarding types of ancestry and family tree research is conducting the genealogy interview. If you haven’t added this to your task … Read more

family tree binder

Be A Hit at Your Next Family Reunion

Be A Hit At Your Next Family Reunion We’ve all been to family reunions that are entirely social and don’t include much in the way … Read more

family reunion guest register

Family Reunion Guest Register

The Geneosity Family Reunion Guest register is a genealogy-friendly form that is ready to print.  Guests to your reunion will be invited to provide their … Read more

three generation pedigree genealogy chart

Three Generation Pedigree Chart

Below you’ll find our copy the the basic three-generation pedigree chart used in documenting members of your family tree.  This form is useful for any … Read more

Genealogy Interview Form Record

Genealogy Interview Form

One of the most effective ways to get genealogy information is by interviewing your family members. Unfortunately, we often chat with them without taking notes. … Read more

registration card

Tidbits: Don’t Neglect The Neighboring Record

Don’t Neglect The Neighboring Genealogical Record, 2nd edition.  Updated 2017 Something that happens often is that while researching your family tree you find yourself looking … Read more

break brick wall family research

I’ve Hit a Brick Wall… Now What?

Brick Walls in Genealogy and Family Tree research, 2nd edition.  Updated 2019 It happens to everyone. You’re chugging along, having a fantastic time learning about … Read more

best free genealogy sites

The Best Free Genealogy Websites and Online Resources

“Ouch! That genealogy website subscription is really expensive! Do I really want to pay that just to find out where great-grandpa came from?” If you are … Read more

citing source genealogy

Citing a Genealogy Source

Now that you know the importance of documenting where you’ve gotten the information used in your family tree, let’s take a look at what goes … Read more

free resource burial records obituaries

Dig Up Your Past for Free Using

One of the best free resources for finding burial records, obituaries, and more is The entries come from predominantly North American cemeteries, but there … Read more