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Next-level Hints for Using Census Records

You’re pretty well-versed in the basics of using census records to help you in your genealogy research. You are ready to take it to the … Read more

census records genealogy

Census Records: A Wealth of Information

Census records can really be a great source of information.  If you’ve never reviewed a census record, here is what you should know: Names of … Read more

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Beginners Tips for Creating an Online Family Tree

Once you’ve started your research process, you’ll find that you want a way to keep everything together and nicely organized. You may even find that … Read more

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Are You Using Soundex for Ancestry Name Search?

Do you use soundex? *crickets chirping* If utter silence and some amount of confusion were your reaction when you read that, you’re not alone. Many … Read more

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What About Ancestry DNA Tests?

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Six Steps for Contacting Distant Relatives

It may have been a long search, but you’ve accomplished something exciting – you’ve found a distant relative, and you’re ready to reach out. The … Read more

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3 Tips for Getting the Most from Ancestry.com as a New User

If you are new to Ancestry.com or just signed up, here are some quick tips that should help you get started! 1.Be aware that Ancestry … Read more

archive family photo index

Archive Family Photo Index

Most researchers dig through old photos and then put them in a folder with notes or file them in a file drawer.  Other researchers will … Read more

Genealogy family group form

Genealogy Family Group Form

Maintain consistent genealogy records of family groups using a family group form.  This professional quality genealogy form is created to document each member of a … Read more

Genealogy Timeline Chart

Family Data Sheet and Timeline Chart

The genealogy timeline chart is great for documenting a family tree unit in a form that is is simple to understand. Three generations are represented … Read more

Critical Document Record

Genealogy Critical Document Record

Below you will find the Genealogy Critical Document Record for use in collecting critical individual data obtained from official documents. Producing an accurate family tree … Read more

Family Migration Form

Genealogy Family Migration Form

Tracing the migration of an ancestor or family is one of the most important pieces of record keeping while researching genealogy.  For the use of … Read more