5 great learning tools for genealogists

Top 5 Learning Tools for NEW Genealogists

My journey in genealogy began with the goal of finding as much as I possibly could because I was LOVING everything I found. Then I … Read more

city directories family research

City Directories: A Great Genealogy Source

City Directories are a great source to assist any genealogist research their family. Because city directories are dated (usually annual), genealogists can find a specific … Read more

women homesteading west

Women Homesteading the West: Stories of our Female Ancestors

Women Homesteading the West: Creating Pictures of Women Ancestors I found Marcia Meredith Hensley’s book Staking Her Claim Women Homesteading The West at a used … Read more

what do you want on your obituary

What Do You Want in Your Obituary?

Our local newspaper now charges for obituaries. Some obituaries are short and to the point, while others take up several columns. It got me thinking … Read more

old book family history story

The Fotygraft Album

Most recently I sold used books that were donated by the community. I find many books interesting reading, but one caught my eye. It was … Read more

newspaper stack

Newspapers: Our National Treasure

Our first amendment right gives us such treasures in the newspapers: from the past and those of today! Genealogists can enjoy the benefits of hours … Read more

grandma's diary read or not read genealogy

To Read or Not to Read: Grandma’s Diary

Grandma passed away in December of 2007 at the age of 101( b 1906). Each of us grandchildren felt very close to grandma and despite … Read more

family reunions genealogy

Family Reunion – Finding Artifacts from the Past

Summer is family reunion time and it was for our ancestors too. What records and artifacts might our ancestors have left for us to find? … Read more

preserve old documents photographs files

How to Preserve Old Documents, Photographs and Files?

One of the most asked questions on genealogy blogs and in Facebook genealogy groups is how to preserve old genealogy documents, papers, photographs, and digital files. … Read more

cemetery research

Packing for the Cemetery: Genealogy Style

I just LOVE visiting cemeteries. My mom would just laugh if she were alive to hear that. Grow-ing up, my mom and aunt would take … Read more

ancestor cemetery

Finding Your Ancestor’s Cemetery

How can I find where my ancestor is buried? I know information I get from knowing the cemetery or location of burial can possibly offer … Read more

genealogy library

Genealogist’s Best Tool: the LIBRARY

The local public library or the local genealogy library can offer family researchers clues and solutions to many unanswered questions. You will want to contact … Read more