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Are You a Descendent of the Mayflower?

My great grandmother’s maiden name was Alden. And “everyone” always said that through this line, we were descendants of the John and Priscilla Alden from … Read more

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Cemeteries: A Research Library for Genealogists

Cemeteries offer a treasure trove of information for the genealogist. Cemetery Location Just knowing the location of the cemetery your ancestor is buried in can … Read more

Genealogy Goal Setting

Do you have trouble staying focused in your genealogy research? What drives your genealogy plan for research? Shaky leaves? Requests from relatives? Pictures you just … Read more

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Local Genealogy Societies: Necessary for the Past, Present and Future

Genealogy can be a lonely business. I knew this from the start when I would sit on the edge of my seat waiting for an … Read more

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3 Biggest Mistakes of New Genealogists

You’ve been bitten by the genealogy bug, so what do you do?  Go genealogy NUTS!! Maybe I’m the only one, but I remember it well. … Read more

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Five Steps to Prepare for a Genealogy Visit with Family

Finally! I am taking a genealogy road trip to meet with my husband’s aunts and uncles. Four of them live 3-4 hours away, and in … Read more

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Interesting Facts About Scottish Marriages

Unlike the rest of the UK, Scottish marriage laws were much more lenient. Under Scots law, there were three forms of “irregular marriage”. An irregular … Read more

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Do You Have Canadian Roots? Plan to Attend the Great Canadian Genealogy Summit

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! The Great Canadian Genealogy Summit will be held at the Courtyard Marriott, Brampton from Oct 21-23 2016. On October 21, we have … Read more

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Scottish Emigration Schemes

Following the Highland Clearances, many of these families took advantage of emigration schemes which saw them transported to Canada, the Colonies of America and Australia. Young … Read more

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Researching Scottish Death, Burial and Lair Records

Some of the best resources for genealogy research are death records. This isn’t limited to statutory records, but included burial records, cemetery records, and lair records … Read more

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The Unsung Genealogy Heroes

Last month, we learned of the Genealogy Rock Stars. This is an annual event hosted by blogger John Reid of Anglo-Celtic Connections. This year, the … Read more

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Who Gets Included in the Family Tree?

There has been some interesting discussion in Genea-land lately about who to include in family trees. Certainly for those with UK or European ancestry, it … Read more