Searching Tough Names

Those Hard Names to Find Names get misspelled and change over time. This can become so frustrating when you want everything to come out perfect. … Read more

Love Letters Home – Part 3

Using the Letters to Fill in Information I know many would not want to read the letters, but this has been so great for me! … Read more

Love Letters Home – Part 2

Learning More About My Mother from Army Letters I have learned so much about my mother in these letters. They cover five years and I … Read more

Love Letters Home – Part 1

Army Letters to his Sweetheart Part 1 This weeks endeavor? Reading through several years of old letters that my father sent home to my mother. … Read more

Old Family Bibles

Don’t Forget the Family Bibles The old Bibles could be one of your most import resources. There could be all types of notes inside, along … Read more

the store newspaper library of congress family research

The Search

That Little Store Still Intrigues Me Wow, I’m still reading about that little store of Trice and Altman! The Library of Congress is an amazing … Read more

The Antique Stores

The Physical Search I love looking around antique stores, mainly because I love antiques! But, there is so much history there as well. Every time … Read more

cemetery walk

The Cemetery Walk

Don’t forget the nearby graves This adventure was a cemetery search and walk, really more of a treasure hunt. This treasure was a great aunt … Read more

Boxes of Old Letters

They are Family  – Now Where do They Go? I love the fact that both sides of my family had items that were either important … Read more

Ring Family Heirloom Tells Story Family Research

The Ring – Family Heirlooms Tell a Story

Little did I know, the ring I received that year would have such an impact on my life and my genealogy trail. I was young, … Read more

genealogy autobiography

Autobiographical Yearbook: Your Genealogy Story

Recently a friend reminded me how important it is to document my own history for genealogy purposes. It’s funny how I find it hard to … Read more

third cousin once removed

Third Cousin Once Removed? How do I know?

One of the first questions I get asked, when people find out of my interest in genealogy is “what about all that cousins first removed … Read more