find a grave tips and facts

Find A Grave Tips

Find A Grave is an incredible resource! Here are some facts you may not know and different ways to use it! I have been a … Read more

genealogy newbie tips for beginners

Genealogy Newbie Tips – Easy Advice for Beginners

So You Are Just Getting Started? Tips on starting your family tree For Beginners! First – take a deep breath! It will not be as … Read more

1925 Yearbook Farmer School Headed to Museum

Yearbook From 1925 Headed to Museum

Rescued Farmer, Texas School 1925 Yearbook Headed to Museum! I love it when things come together! This little handwritten yearbook will be returning to Young … Read more

The Traveler - Wayland Baptist College Yearbook 1916

The Traveler – 1916 – Yearbook

Rescued School Yearbook  –  Plainview, Texas There are some surprises in this college yearbook….. take a look! I wonder just how cool it would have … Read more

Different Places to Look for Family Research

Finding Family Information on Postcards

Different places to look for information including scrapbooks and postcards with examples of information you can get from postcards! If you find one item in … Read more

The Mule Wagon

My Process for Researching Names on the Back of a Rescued Photo Follow Me on Today’s Search This country wagon full of kids has intrigued … Read more

Stories from Old Newspapers 1800's

Unexpected Finds from Old Newspapers- The Story of Martha Bass (1895)

Astonishing Information You can Find About Family Members from Old Newspaper Clippings, including Mrs Martha Bass of West Randolph Vt. Awesome find in the Buffalo … Read more

Old Family Photos and Cabinet Cards

Oh the Names and Faces

Rescued photos of Portraits In this page, I put together a number of photos I found of people taking photos of themselves. This page also … Read more

rescued photos of family history - trains and travel

Trains, Travel, and Tips

Don’t You Want to Know Where They Went on Trips and Vacations? We are going to try and date a post card photo, follow along! … Read more

Proud Mothers and Grandmothers

Rescued Photos This One is For My Mother! What can I not say about this beautiful lady? This one is my mother, she was the … Read more

Outside the Box Search Advice

Up Your Game ! Up Your Search!  Think about it. If you do not have all of the records, then someone does. If it is … Read more

Good Ole Country at its Best

Country Names and Faces I love living in the country, being on a farm and growing things. These old photos are so “make me want … Read more