The Traveler – 1916 – Yearbook

Rescued School Yearbook  –  Plainview, Texas

There are some surprises in this college yearbook….. take a look!

I wonder just how cool it would have been to say you went to primary school at Wayland Baptist College? Yes, some of the photos area little blurry.

The pages are made of something that is a shiny paper they are hard to photograph.

Plus, I’m trying really hard not to bend it open to much because it is literally falling apart! The more I handle the worse it gets. So with that said, I have done the best I could do at getting copies of it. But it is still a gem!

If you find a family member in the yearbook and you would like an individual photo of that person, let us know and I will be happy to help you get that photo for your family tree.

Some pages have been cropped a little so you can see them better as well. I hope you find one your relatives here, mine are the Hamiltons.

Wayland Baptist College

The Traveler Yearbook cover


Inside Cover Traveler Wayland Baptist College Yearbook in 1916

The Traveler – Volume III – Plainview, Texas May 1916 – Number 1










Mre. J. H. Wayland – Dedication – “The world hath not another of such a finished, chastened purity.”


















Linnie Wimberly, Robert Reeves, Verlin Reeves, Jewell McCall, Flora Best Hopping, Addie Bourland, Lester Hartley, Emma Pool, Mr. T. L. Girault










“The staff at work”

















Dr. J. H. Wayland – Founder

History of the College

(names on this page) I. E. Gates, Judge T.D. Webb, W.B. Joiner, Jno.T. Hamilton, Dr. J.H.Wayland, R.J. Goode, Thornton Jones, E.C. Commack, B.F. Dixon, J.W. Winn, G.I. Britain, L.G. Wilson, W.A. Donaldson. Jno. G. Hamilton, R.E. Bell, Professor Wray, Professor Reynolds, Professor Nelson, Professor Stephens, Dr. O.L. Hailey, Dr. Gates

















“Wayland ‘O Mine” – Willie D. Rumple

















An Appreciation – Rev. I. E. Gates

















T. D. Webb, C. V. Bryson, Jno. J. Hamilton, G. W. Foster, Dr. J. H. Waylane, Rev. J. W. Winn, R. J. Goode, Dr. J. E. Nunn, J. L. Overall, L. M. Blakemore, J. W. Boswell, J. W. Willis, B. L. Shook, J. M. Malone, T. W. Sawyer, R. E. L. Farmer, R. M. Irick, H. L. King, Rev. J. B. Cole, H. J. Dillingham


































Dr.  O. L. Hailey

















Mr. J. C. Stephens, Miss Sarah Burr Goode, Miss Mary McDonald Williams

















Mr. I. L. Girault, Miss Attie Stevens, Mr. B. J. Thomas

















Mr. S. M. Wilson, Mrs. J. E. Watson, Mr. J. E. Watson

















Miss Frances Ford Jeter, Miss Bess Brown, Miss Ophelia Donnell

















Miss Stella Waters, Miss Lessie Belle Walker, Mrs. J. C. Hunt

















Elmer Childress, S. A. Tibbets, Mary Lipscomb, Josephine Donelley, Susie Glenn, H. W. Smith, J, M. Pickett, T. H. Reynolds, Lois Reynolds, Lula Goode, John Wayland, Lorene Boswell, Pauline Gates, Mrs. Jenkins nee Virginia Dalton, Josie Goode, Mrs. Craig Gilleland nee Prudence Bower, Callie Glenn, Claudie Quisenberry, J. F. Nix, Tate Fry, Vera Fry, Bragg Cammack, Mable Dagley, Kathleen Joiner, J. L. Bagwell, Nannie Mae Lewis, Robert Hailey, Murtice Saffle, Harvey Rankin, Gladys Thomas, Gladys Overall


















Senior Class Motto

Lester Hartley, Robert Reeves, Flora Best Hopping, Verlin Reeves, Robert Reeves, Jewell McCall, Emma Pool, and Addie Bourland

Class Song

Robert Reeves, Emma Pool

Verlin Reeves, Linnie Winberly

Addie Bourland, Flora Best Hopping


Jewell McCall, Lester Hartley


Syble Perry, Louise Stockton

Blake Bolton, Flora May Scudder

Euno Wallen

History of Senior Class or A Voyage Through Wayland – Verlin Reeves


Senior Class Prophecy – Addie Bourland


Senior Class Poem – Robert Reeves


The Junior Class

Mollie Goode, Norman Hailey, Jones Goode, Blake Bolton, Willie D. Rumple, Florence Patton

Walter Phillips, Lois Hatcher, Norman Hailey, Jones Goode, Flora Mae Scudder, Willie D. Rumple


Edith Kiser, Blake Bolton, Florence Patton, Hardie Hay, Mollie Goode, Scott Bolton

Junior Class Poem – J.G.A.

The Junior History – Norman Hailey

Junior Prophecy – Mollie Vernon Goode

To a Junior


The Sophomore Class

Otis Dillard, Utah Sanders, Dixon Turner, David Hailey, Bunyan Hale, Lillian Cooper, Claude Gooding, Mellie Turner, Clara Turner, Paul Flake, Vinson Lawrey, Loyd Hartley, Floyd Ellington


Otis Dillard, Utah Sanders, Dixon Turner, David Hailey, Bunyan Hale, Lillian Cooper, Claude Gooding, Nellie Turner, Clara Turner, Paul Flake, Vinson Lowrey, Loyd Hartley, Floyd Ellington


Freshman Roll

J.B. Johnson, Lenna Cox, Bessie Simpson, Ruby Curtis, Charles Webb, Thelma Reeves, Bonner Davis, Ogal Baker, Grace Tilson, Mary Wayland, Lena Davis, Virgil Dodson, Lena Cox,  J. B. Johnson, Rose Jones, Utah Sanders, Bertha Crow, Bessie Simpson, Ruby Curtis


Charles Webb, Thelma Reeves, Bonner Davis, Ogal Baker, Grace Tilson, Mary Wayland, Lena Davis, Virgil Dodson, Lena Cox, J. B. Johnson, Rose Jones

(also listed as Freshmen are: Rose Jones, Utah Sanders, Bertha Crow, Bessie Simpson, and Ruby Curtis. But I see no photo for them here with these.)


Ninth Grade and Eighth Grade Classes

A Dog Trade – C.H.

Intermediates and Primary Classes

Fine Arts Department

A Peep Into Bohemia

Students Art League

Ethel Stevens, Willis Brooks, Anna May Wilson, Euna Wallen, Vera Perkins

Expression Class

Vergil Dodson, Louise Stockton. Coline Hatcher, Ogal Baker, Lucile Goodwin, Blake Bolton, LaVerna Hopping, Norman Hailey, Syble Perry, Vonson Lowrey, Boss Baker Euna Wallen, Dixon Turner

Choral Club and Physical Culture Class

Voice Class 

Blake Bolton, Edith Hiser, Tom Fletcher, Eunice Floyd, Boss Baker, Vera Perkins, Syble Perry, Claudie Quisenberry, Irene Crow, Ray Ivy, Mrs. J.E. Watson, Lenna Cox, Flora Mae Scudder, Hebert Payner, Charles Webb, Buster McCan, Harel Knupp

Violin Club

Hurt, Cole, Fowler, Brooks, Mise, Morris, Scudder, Stevens

Philharmonic Club


Philomathesian and Mu Sigma Rho Societies

Blake Bolton, Edith Kiser, Scott Bolton, Bessie Lee Whitesdes, Hardie Hay, Verlin Reeves

History of the Philomathesian and Mu Sigma Rho Societies

Beta Gama and Euglossian Societies

Mr Billberry, Mollie Goode, Dixon Turner, Mary Wayland, Willie D. Rumple, Flora Besst Hopping

History of Euglossian and Beta Societies



Philomathesian Hall and Euglossion Hall

Philo Debaters and Euglo Debaters

Willie D. Rumple, Norman Hailey, Blake Bolton, Hardie Hay

Oratorical Association

Robert Reeves, L.A. Hartley, Willie D. Rumple, Scott Bolton, Rev. Bilberry, Hardie Hay, Blane Bolton, Mr. Stegall

Intercollegiate Debating Team

Blake Bolton, Willie D. Rumple

“This debate was held with Goodnight College on the evening of March 17, 1916, at Wayland College. Wayland was victorious.”

History of the Students’ Christian Association – Addie Bourland

Needle Craft Club

Verlin Reeves, Edith Kiser, Mrs. O. L. Hailey, Flora Best Hopping, La Vera Hopping, Bessie Lee Whitesides, Addie Bourland, Mrs. J. C. Hunt, Irene Crow, Jewell McCall, Verlin Reeves, Edith Kiser, Mrs. O.L. Hailey, Miss Bess Brown, Eugene Calwell

Mechanic Club of Wayland Baptist College

Ogle Baker, Fred Scott, J.D. King (others were not named on this page)

Der Deutsche Rlubb (The German Club)

(no names listed for this page)

Spanish Club

Reeves, Bolton, Gooding, Hale, Patton, Ellington, Turner, Davis, Myse, Hay, Davis, Lowry. McCall, Dodson, Dillard, Turner, Baker, Kiser, Pool, Hatcher, Ellington, Hopping, Tilson, Goode, Cox, Goode, Turner, Hartley, Flake

Presidents’ Club

Hardie Hay, Bessie Lee Whitesides, La Verna Hopping, Willie D. Rumple, Scott Bolton, Robert Reeves, Mr. Bilberry, Blake Bolton, Verlin Reeves, Ogal Baker, Mr. Smith, J.R. Daniels, Dixon Turner


Scene from Virginia Reel and Scene from Fast Friends


To the Football Men of 1915-16



Football Boys

Robert Reeves, Hardie Hay, Bunyan Hale



Floyd Ellington, Ogle Baker, Vinson Lowery

Virgil Dodson, Leslie Johnson, Norman Hailey

Utah Sanders, Claude Gooding, Charles Webb

J.B. Johnson, Odis Dillard, Blake Bolton

Boys’ Basketball

Charles Webb, Utah Sanders, Bun Hale, Otis Dillard, Claud Gooding, Virgil Dodson, Ogle Baker, Hardie Hay

Girls’ College Basketball Team

Miss Stella Wolters, Mr. T.L. Girault, Bama Davis, Elsie Whitesides, Flora Best Hopping, Velma Griffith, Florence Patton, Lillian Cooper


Mary Wayland, Lois Hatcher, Addie Bourland, Linnie Winberly, Bessie Lee Whitesides, Lenna Cos, Irene Crow

Intermediate Basketball

Annie Joe Gates, May Pierson, Sarah Waylane, Vera Hamilton, Allene Boswell, Bertha Lee Harldston, Grace Thomas, Annie Lou Northcutt, Kate Bryson, Annie Mae Wilson, Lucile Goodwin

“Wayland College’s First Grandchild”

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Byars (nee Miss Grace Livesay.)

Wayland Business College – J. E. Watson

Post Graduates

McGee, Hailey, McGlassen, Ansley, Broddy

Business Seniors

Myrton Malsted, Bessie Whitesides, Eunice Floyd, Laverna Hopping

Velma Griffith, Mary Wise, David Hailey, Harold Knupp

Fay Ham, Elsie Whitesides, Eugene Colwell, J. D, King

Bookkeeping Department – Shorthand and Typewriting Department

Bus 1 Club – Business Club

Census of Business Department

Stella Stalcup, Marye Russel, Eugene Caldwell, Eunice Floyd, Fay Ham, Jewell McGill, May Mise, Mary Etta Brown, Elise Whitesides, Bessie Whitesides, Velma Griffith, Laverna Hopping, Harold Knupp, David Hailey, J. B. Johnson, Leslie Johnson, J. D. King Myrton Milstead

Caught in the Lariat – By Jones Goode





A Strange Coincidence – Helen May, Jim Norris, Mrs. Norris, John Miller, Fred Ross, Nell – By Emma Pool


Jack and Jill  –  H. B. H. ’17

Stella Gates Hall Girls

Who’s Who, and Why – By Flora Best Hopping

(Faculty mentioned with in the pages:) Dr. Hailey, Mr. Stephens, Mr. Thomas, Miss Williams, Miss Goode, Mr. Girault, Miss Walker, Mrs. Hunt, Miss Brown, Miss Donnell, Miss Wolters, Miss Jeter, Miss Stevens, Mr. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Watson


To our Subscribers

R. & Millinery Co., Home Restaurant, Bens’s Barber Shop

Charles Webb, Dixon Turner, Scott Bolton, Utah Sanders, Vera Perkins, Flora Best Hopping, Burr Goode, Hardie Hay Blake Bolton, Bunyan Hale, Willie D. Rumple Lester Hartley



The Ruby and Olympic Theaters, City Bakery, the Hallmark Store, Irick & Company



Plainview Mercantile Company, The Crystal Cafe, Texas Utilities Company


The R. A. Long Drug Store, Sewell Grocery Company

(Mentioned on the page:)  Miss Walters, Charles, Webb, Edith, Englo Hall, Girault, Adam, Mr. Stevens, Miss Donnell

Richards Bros. & Collier, J.J. Lash Real Estate, E.R. Williams, Baker & Winn


Carter – Houston Dry Goods Company, J.W. Willis Drug Company


Kash Kandy Kitchen, The Elk Barber Shop, Mae I Theatre

Night Before Examination – Robert Reeves

Jacobs Bros. Company, Donohoo – Ware Hardware Co., Frank’s Necessity Store, The Temple of Economy


(mentions on the page:) Mr. Girault, Scott, Bolton, Bourland, Miss Vera Perkins, Mr. Lowry, Blake, Jewell McCall, Jim Stevens, Minnie, Utah Sanders, J.B., Vera, Bessie Lee, Turners, Linnie, Florence, Addie, Mrs Junt, Vera, Hardie, Jewell, Robert, Emma

Third National Bank, The Henry E. Hagood Way

(mentions on the page:)  Hardie, Florence, Bill Rumple, Florence, Jones

Citizen’s National Bank, Garrison – Connor Electric Company

(mentions on the page:) Professor Stephens, Miss Goode, Miss Williams, Mr. Thomas, Miss Walter, Lois, Miss Burr, Miss Williams, Flora Besst, Charles Webb

Waller Tailoring Co., Overall’s Sale and Feed Barn – J. L. Overall, Alfalfa Lumber Company – J.W. Patterson

Seniors Vow – Mr. Stevens, by Eunice Floyd


Reinkins, E.N. Egge Auto Company, Dye Drug Company, Dollar Bill Tailoring Co.

Wanted to Know  (mentions on the page) Mrs. Girault, Leslie Johnson, Mr. Stevens, Coach Thomas, Mrs. Hunt, charles Webb, Miss Burr, Paul, Miss Goode, Hardy, Linnie, Addie, Jewell

The Praetorians – D.W. McGlassen, C.A.Bowron, Hotel Ware – J.A. Testman, R.C. Ware Hardware Company, Long – Harp Drug, Plainview Hardware Company

The Worn Out Staff